Meet Our Doctors & Staff

Our doctors are leaders in the field of optometry and our staff is well-trained -- together we are committed to caring for your vision and eye health.

Our Doctors:

Our Staff:

Robyn - Madison Clinic ManagerRobyn, Madison Clinic Manager
Robyn is motivated to help our patients see better as well as mentor each member of the Isthmus Eye Care team. Her biggest interest is traveling and she is incredibly grateful to learn about other cultures.

Robin, Middleton Clinic Manager, ABOCRobin, Middleton Clinic Manager, ABOC
Robin enjoys helping patients find eyeglasses that fit their personal style. When not at Isthmus Eye Care, you can find her gardening, reading or spending time with her husband and cats.

James - Optician, ABOCJames,
Optician, ABOC

James values the relationships he builds with patients as he helps them choose eyewear. Outside of work James teaches martial arts and does historical recreation.

Josh - Optician, CPOTJosh, Optician, CPOT
Josh loves helping patients find their new eyewear. Glasses are an extension to everyone's personality, career, and lifestyle. As such, it makes him happy to see patients find those pairs of glasses that fit them perfectly. In his free time, Josh is a car enthusiast and an avid video gamer.

Dee Dee - Optician, Optometric Technician, CPODee Dee, Optician, Optometric Technician, CPO
Dee Dee finds working in optometry to be rewarding because she can help others see their best. In her spare time, Dee Dee likes taking her dog on walks and spending time with her family.

Amy - Optometric TechnicianAmy, Optometric
Technician, CPO

Amy's favorite aspect of working at Isthmus Eye Care is getting to know patients and their families. She likes to go camping and boating. She also enjoys spending time with her dog, Maggie.

Mary - Optometric Technician, ABOMary S.,
Optometric Technician,

Meeting new people is Mary's favorite aspect of her job. Outside of work Mary likes to read, listen to music, and sew.

Alex - Patient Care CoordinatorAlex,
Patient Care Coordinator

Alex enjoys that she can help all our patients by providing great customer service. Outside of work, you can find her walking the Pheasant Branch Trails, visiting local farmer's markets, and reading.

Cassie- Patient Care CoordinatorCassie,
Patient Care Coordinator

Cassie enjoys the variety that her job as Patient Care Coordinator offers. Outside of work you can find her camping and going to the dog park. She is also a big Badger and Packer fan.

Amanda - Optometric Technician, CPOT/COAAmanda,
Optometric Technician, CPOT/COA

Amanda's favorite aspect of her job is helping patients see better. When she is not working, you can find Amanda rollerblading, reading, and knitting. She also enjoys spending time with her 3 nephews and 1 niece.

Leah - Optometric Technician,CPOLeah,
Optometric Technician,CPO

Leah enjoys helping patients reach their visual goals. Outside of work, Leah likes to spend time with her family and play with her cat, Oliver.

Carla - Optometric TechnicianCarla,
Optometric Technician

Carla enjoys being able to help people and put a smile of their face. She also enjoys the family environment that Isthmus Eye Care offers. Outside of work, Carla spends time outdoors rollerblading and hiking. She also enjoys spending time with her fiancé and 2 cats.

Renee - Optometric Technician, CPOTRenee,
Optometric Technician, CPOT

Renee's favorite part of her job is working with patients and getting to know them. She finds it rewarding to help patients find the right pair of glasses for their needs. When she is not working, Renee' enjoys biking, being outdoors, reading, and gardening.

Crystal - Business ManagerCrystal,
Business Manager

The thing Crystal most enjoys about working at Isthmus Eye Care is seeing patients' appreciation for the quality care that the doctors and staff provide. Crystal loves to spend time with her son and travel.

Katrina - Optician, ABOCKatrina, Optician, ABOC
Katrina finds it rewarding to help patients select the perfect eyewear to fit their lifestyle. In her free time Katrina shoots archery and reads.

Justin - Optician, Optometric TechnicianJustin, Optician, Optometric Technician, CPOA
Prior to joining the Isthmus Eye Care team, Justin worked as an optician and lab technician. He likes helping people in need and creating smiles. While not at work, Justin enjoys camping and spending time with his family.

Madeline - Optometric Technician, CPOTMadeline, Optometric Technician, CPOT
Madeline likes working hands on with patients and helping them with their eye care needs. She is a big football fan and enjoys watching both the Green Bay Packers and the Houston Texans.

Nick - Optometric Technician, COANick, Optometric Technician, COA
Nick enjoys being part of the Isthmus Eye Care team and helping patients see better. He is a true Wisconsin sports fan who loves watching the Packers, Badgers, and Brewers.

Debbie - Accounts CoordinatorDebbie, Accounts Coordinator
Debbie is great with getting to the bottom of insurance and account inquiries and enjoys answering patients' questions about their coverage. She loves to spend time with her family and attend local sport events but especially loves going to Miller Park.

Kelly - Communication CoordinatorKelly, Communications

Kelly enjoys helping and talking with patients. When she is not at work, Kelly is spending time with her kids or doing Zumba.

Danny OpticianDanny, Optician
Danny enjoys assisting patients with obtaining the perfect frame and lens to meet their visual needs. Outside of work, he is an avid pool player and dabbles in music with his home recording studio. Danny is also a diehard Cowboys fan.

Abbey - Optometric TechnicianAbbey,
Optometric Technician

Abbey's favorite part of her job is interacting with patients. When Abbey is not working she enjoys cooking and attending spin classes. You can also find her spending time with her fiance, James, and her dog, Nugget.

Fiona - Patient Care CoordinatorFiona,
Patient Care Coordinator

Fiona's favorite part of her job is seeing people being fitted with glasses and contacts and their joy of being able to see better. Fiona's hobbies include reading, cooking, and throwing horseshoes. She also enjoys spending time with her fiance, Jayson, and her dog, Coco.

Brenda - Optician, ABOBrenda,
Optician, ABO

The moment that someone finds the one pair of glasses that they love is the most rewarding part of the job for Brenda. Outside of work, Brenda enjoys cooking baking camping and hiking.

Haley - OpticianHaley,

Helping patients see and feel better is Haley's favorite aspect of her job. Outside of work, you can find Haley camping, racing, fishing, and boating as well as many other outdoor activities. She also enjoys watching the Badgers, Packers, and Chicago Blackhawks.

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Patient Testimonial

“I was very pleased with my total experience at Isthmus Eye Care... Everyone was helpful, professional and made me feel very comfortable. My eyes are in good hands there!”   
- Dori T.

Patient Testimonial

“ ...The entire staff makes you feel welcome and is very friendly. I highly recommend Isthmus Eye Care to my family and friends for their vision care.”
- Marie C.